Beat the Bloat with Ease

Beat the Bloat with Ease

Ever have that feeling of fullness in your stomach? It could be bloating. Don’t worry; you can stop it before you have to loosen the button on your pants.

What is bloating? It is when the digestive system fills up with excess gas. This can leave you feeling as tight as a tick and uncomfortable. It can happen at any time and to anyone. Women are often the ones who suffer the most.

Here are some ways to the beat the bloat in your life. Some people think that bloat is a part of being healthy. You have to deal with it. But that’s not exactly true. You can eat well and also keep a trimmer abdomen. Here’s how:

* Drink water – The body is mostly water. When we don’t drink enough, we can become constipated. Our digestive systems can get a little sluggish. Water gives the body an internal shower and also cleans out the pipes. If you don’t like plain water, try flavored water drinks or foods that have high water content.

* Add fiber – The average daily fiber intake is about thirty grams. Most people get less than half of that. Fiber helps you feel full. Choose high fiber carbohydrates and fruits and veggies with it.

* Avoid cruciferous veggies – This would be your broccoli, cauliflower and Brussels sprouts. Some people have a build-up of gas from eating them. If that is you, then choose another green veggie to add to your diet.

* Avoid the air – We are not talking about flying, but breathing. People who talk when they eat suck in more air than others. This excess air can create more gas in the digestive tract, leading to bloat. Drinking through a straw can do the same thing as well.

* Lactose intolerance – If you are having a lot of bloating and abdominal pain after eating dairy, you may have a problem with lactose intolerance. Try soy products, or try taking Lactaid before you eat cheese or ice cream.

* Avoid salt – Most food has salt in it, but adding more can lead to swelling in the stomach. Avoiding processed foods can limit your sodium intake. Drink lots of water to flush out excess salt.

* Use natural remedies – Before you head for the medicine cabinet, go to the kitchen. Peppermint can help relax digestive muscles and prevent bloating. Use supplements that remove excess gas.

Are you battling the bloat? Counteract that bloating feeling with these easy steps.

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